How it began


Have you ever felt a nudge from God? A distinct feeling that HE wanted YOU to do more? In the fall of 2015 Gary felt the nudge. On that sunny afternoon while tending his garden God posed this question to him, what are you doing with this land I have blessed you with? It was a challenge and a call to action. 

That day Krops4Kids was born. Gary knew there were less fortunate families who struggled with food deficiencies. This land he had been blessed with could not only help with food deficiency but also open the door to establishing relationships with these families; an opportunity to speak hope into their lives and show them God's unconditional love; an opportunity to teach them about hard work and giving back. 



To provide locally grown, healthy foods 

to children through the process of a hands 

on education, while instilling core values 

such as hard work, ownership, responsibility, 

and gratitude, building upon Christian 

principles reflecting and showing the love of Christ.

"Whoever sows sparingly

shall reap sparingly,

and whoever sows generously 

will also reap generously."

~2 Corinthians 9:6